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January | February 2015 Issue

Segregation Semantics: Connecticut’s Isolation Policy Changes

By Nikki A. Sambitsky

Cell - exhibition opening 14 Feb 2009 by FiDalwood, on Flickr

The Connecticut Department of Corrections (DOC) is quietly reviewing its policy for segregating incarcerated people, joining a growing number of states examining alternatives to isolation. A committee of DOC staff and other corrections professionals has been studying the segregation policy for months, though the DOC provided no timetable for a final report. According to Karen Martucci, acting director of the DOC’s External Affairs Division, the DOC no longer uses solitary confinement for punishment or self-protection.

Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  FiDalwood 

The Wonder Drug

By Carly Maher

Narcan by PunchingJudy, on Flickr

Growing availability and training in the administration of a heroin overdose antidote has saved at least 5 lives in the state of Connecticut since October 2014.

The drug naloxone hydrochloride, marketed under the brand name “Narcan,” takes less than one minute to revive a person experiencing a life-threatening overdose. Narcan can be either injected or administered through an intranasal spray. The spray in particular is gaining popularity, as Narcan is being made available to all first responders throughout the state of Connecticut.

Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  PunchingJudy 

From Problem to Promise: New Britain’s Juvenile Review Board in Action

By Joseph L. Giasullo

My Trusty Gavel by steakpinball, on FlickrIt isn’t every day that a child of fifteen can walk into a J.C. Penny and claim whatever she wants. For Suhailey Oday that moment came once and she sought to make the most of it. With her friend as backup, Suhailey entered the department store armed with nothing but an empty bag.


Death Row Stories

By Carissa Barstis

Vintage TV by Alan Klim, on FlickrSusan Sarandon is the unlikely face of capital punishment in her narration of Death Row Stories on CNN: a series of one-hour documentaries on people sentenced to death.
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Alan Klim