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March | April 2015 Issue 

In the Public Eye: Forthcoming Body Cameras for Hartford Law Enforcement

By Joseph L. Giasullo

body cameraThe trend of viral videos has extended to capture those sworn to protect and serve.




The Aftermath: Firearm Legislation After Sandy Hook

By Carly Maher

gun legisGun legislature remains a hot debate in Connecticut. In March, three gun legislation bills were heard by the General Assembly, one of which is a brand new bill proposed by the Judiciary Committee.


The Justice Imperative: A Talk by Reverend Marilyn B. Kendrix

By Carissa Barstis

justice imperIncarceration policies in Connecticut need a major overhaul, a leading author told a New Haven audience in February.




Unchain Our Children: The Elimination of Juvenile Shackling

By Nikki A. Sambitsky

lock-544925_640Connecticut would join the growing list of states moving away from the routine restraint of juvenile offenders, given the success of legislation being pushed by two state lawmakers and child advocacy groups.