May | June 2015


The Death Penalty Epilogue: One Organization’s Persistence After Capital Punishment Repeal

Carissa Barstis

abolition-147726_1280New England hadn’t executed anyone in 45 years. May 13, 2005 in Somers, Connecticut was to be the first execution since 1960 for the entire region.



“The Color of Justice” : A Review

Carly Maher

balance-154516_1280June 2nd in Enfield, CT is the last chance to attend a screening and discussion of The Color of Justice, a brief documentary which has served as an immensely effective tool in race and juvenile justice forums across the state of Connecticut for the past two years.


Growing Up Incarcerated:  An Examination of How a Prison Nursery System Positively Impacts Mothers and Their Children

Nikki A. Sambitsky

baby-44050_1280I walk into the nursery and see several women sitting on the toy-strewn carpet playing with toddlers in a room that could be easily mistaken for any other daycare facility.




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